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Instant Data
Entry for Xero

Drag & Drop Bills Directly Into Xero

Free yourself
from data entry.

Streamline your AP workflow, reduce errors, and shift your focus to big-picture thinking.

Captures and completes bill details for you, including individual line items.
Smart account coding of line items, informed by supplier's previous invoices.
Streamlined workflow for batch review and submission of draft bills.
Quality-of-life upgrades, including drag-to-select multiple rows.

Don’t let manual data entry slow you down. Avoid the errors that cost you time and money.

Let us handle
the repetition.

Designed for AP, we put time back in your hands, so you can stop playing catch-up.

We review your statements for you. Instantly identify any discrepancies in supplier accounts, ensuring you never miss another bill again.
Fully embedded within Xero's interface. No external application required, allowing for seamless workflow continuity.
Your data stays on your device. All data processing occurs locally on your computer, enhancing security and privacy.

Experience the confidence of accurate, up‑to‑date financial data. Trust in your reports, decisions, and business insights.